SUP carrier for your bike

This was my final independent freelance project design project before I co-founded the design consultancy morrama. I was approached at new designers by a company looking to develop their own surfboard carrier, specifically for SUP boards. The aim of the project was to produce a compact, easy to carrier and stylish product that could be carried by hand or attached on to a bike.

Working with a local fashion designer allowed for quick design iterations to be made.

All non fabric parts were made by employing design students at Brunel University (which I am a graduate from).


The first prototype had many design flaws, but provided a great platform for further development.

The rear support was extremely bulky and provided a rather poor fit.

The second design, as seen above, minimised the material and improved support in the required areas.

Final Prototype

The SUP carrier makes getting to the beach with your board effortless.

The prototype used 3D printed parts to link the surfboard support to the machined aluminim axle.

Minimal strapping gives enough support to fit all types of surfboard and SUP.

The single hand strap doubles up as an attachment to your bike. The lower clip secures the board and also holds your paddle in place.


Laid out flat after the SUP was removed.

The compact base provides ample support at protection for your board.

The axle takes any type of wheel, from foam filled to large sand friendly designs.

The whole package rolls up into a compact unit that can be locked to your bike for security.