iPhone Tube Map Concept

We were recently given a project by Marks and Spencer to design christmas gifts that can be sold under the brand of The Gadget Show. It had to be cheap, useful and most of all popular. This concept came into being after thinking about products that will be extremely popular during the 2012 olympics here in London. Tourists will arrive in their masses and nearly all of them will be using the London transport network as their main mode of transportation. And every single person will need some way of carrying an oyster card and a tube map. This concept allows the two components to be integrated into a single product, and due to it partnering with a product most people carry, it will be easily to handle and not fill up any extra pocket space.

However Marks and Spencer did not continue with the development as they are an international company and believed that the product would only be viable in london. However similar systems are used all over the world, such as in the Paris metro or the Tokyo train network, and the product could easily be adapted to work there also.