Graduation Project - Designing a bike for children in The Gambia - Update 2

Over the last 2 weeks I have been building up an early prototype of the Africa Bike. This initial prototype has been built around an existing frame as the main focus will be to test the proposed features and additions - mainly the pannier rack and chain guard. I will be taking this frame to The Gambia later this week for 7 days of testing with the children who will be using the bike every day. Whilst out there I will also be interviewing the local bike mechanics to find out which component break regularly, the children's parents to see how they use the bike and local component importers to see what parts they buy in.


This was the frame the initial prototype was build around. The angled top tube allows it to be used by young children and adults and budget component have been selected to reduce the cost of production.


The workshops at Brunel University have made it possible to adapt the frame.


The metal fabrication technician Guy has been on hand throughout the project.


The pannier rack has a top panel making it more comfortable to sit on and also allowing various loads to be tied down to the frame.


The raw frame before being powder coated.

2014-03-05 13.57.17-2.jpg

The completed Prototype 2.0 ready to be taken to The Gambia for a week long testing period.


Continuing work has been done to develop the final frame design. This sketch depicts the current progress and will be altered from the research done in The Gambia.