Concluding 2013

2013-10-13 23.21.14.jpg

After an amazing year abroad in Holland, being back in London has taken some getting used to; but after being here for the first term last year in Holland seems an age ago. It's great to be back in some familiarity, knowing where places are, knowing what food I am buying and how public transport works! But overall, I miss the amazing Dutch people and how welcoming they were!

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The first term of my final year has overall been extremely enjoyable, Directing Made in Brunel on top of my degree has been a huge challenge but at the same time an extremely worth while experience. I greatly underestimated the adjustment needed when coming back to the high intensity workload that Brunel brings, but the energy and passion of the other students around me has fuelled my energy allowing me to get back into the flow over the last few months.

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As mentioned the workload this year is incredible and with 2 out of the 3 main projects this year being group ones, it has been very enjoyable doing an increased amount of group work compared to previous years. So far the main projects have been rebranding and moving the Scouts from 2013 to 2030, helping them to solve issues that will be apparent at that time. I have also been working on developing a new system and environment Brunel's most innovative students and recent graduates in the form of what will be known as an Innovation Hub. Finally I have been researching the designing for emerging markets, in relation to my Major Project - the development of a school bike for African children in The Gambia.

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Finally I also had the privilidge of pitching a product of mine to Jasper Conran and one of his flagship stores in London. This was a unique experience and the feedback gained, alongside listening to his general insight on design, gave me a vast amount of encouragement to keep me pressing into my final year of design.