Working with MOO.COM

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the guys from MOO.COM - they are an extremely socially interactive online print company who engage with their customers on a regularly basis, and genuinely enjoy a relationship with the people who buy products off them. You can truly see their customer interaction through their twitter account @overheardatmoo and their lively blog on their website, where people are always eager to share new innovative ways of using their products. After responding to a simple tweet asking people for help a trade show, I became a MOO ambassador for the day and worked at the Great British Business Show, 18 May in the Excel Centre in London. The team working at the their consisted of three MOO staff members, myself and another MOO ambassador, and after a brief chat through the products and promotions being offered we spent the day chatting to huge amounts of people about what the company does and what they sell. I genuinely feel that this social interaction between the staff and customers is something all business should aspire to be like, and am amazed it is only just starting to catch on now!

For those of you who have yet too discover MOO.COM, they are a company based in London who specialise in extremely high quality business card printing - but have also branched out into many other products such as, postcards, greetings cards and stickers. One of the coolest things about the company is they allow you to print a different design on every one of your business cards (they call it printfinity), effectively giving you a mini 'Portfolio in your pocket' and for a design student this is ideal! I have always used their business cards, and apart from the products being top notch and with quality well above all the competition, their customer service and interaction is next to none. A business card really does represent who you are and what you do, and by having a selection of product photos or coloured Logos really does set yourself apart in the excessively competitive world of design. Another great product I use is their mini stickers, where you get a full printfinitied booklet of your designs, and these are great fun to stick on your sketch/notebooks and give yourself that feel of a mini corporate identity. If you're a student and looking to get a job/placement I recommend you head along to MOO.COM and try some out, best of all they even have student discount!