New York City

It's not easy to cover New York over a long weekend, and it's definitely not easy to summarise in one blog post, but it is just about doable. There's so much to take in; music, food, fashion, art and museums, easily making of the of best cities out there.



I stayed in a hostel in the heart of Williamsburg, giving great access to the cafés, restaurants and shops on Bedford Ave and Grand St - the main focal points of the area. I spent the first day wondering around DUMBO and Williamsburg before heading across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan on the second day.


Views of Manhattan

Some of the best views of Manhattan can be either from Brooklyn Bridge Park (where the above photo was taken), or further up the East River at the East River State Park. Both are very much worth going to, but I spent the first morning around Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO, grabbing a few coffee's and pastries, taking in the view of the city.



There's plenty of great photo oppourtunities around DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) where the red brick warhorses are home to a few great brunch spots and plenty of places for good coffee. Make sure you take the stereotypical photo of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington St, as it really is quite a cool place.



In the afternoon I headed back up in Williamsburg where there are some great coffee stops such as Devoción (as pictured above) but also Sweatshop and potentially the best brunch/lunch stop in the area Rabbithole. Devoción has a great vibe with plenty of amazing coffee that is all roasted on site, and Rabbithole has a lovely outdoor area which is perfect for warmer days.


Under the metro

Wondering around BK always leads to some fantastic scenes and it definitely is a street photographers dream. The overhead subways lead to amazing light, especially at dusk or when it rains, and the diverse culture made people watching really quite fun.


Brooklyn Bridge

Heading across the Brooklyn Bridge is such a touristy thing to do, but the views and easy access to Manhatten from Brooklyn make it a must. The best times are early in the morning when there are far less tourists around. I got up early, grabbed some breakfast from DUMBO, then headded into the city across the bridge.


Financial District

The FD is often overlooked by people as purely a place to go up the One World Trade Centre to get a few skyline pics. And it's definitely worth doing that however there are so anymore things to do. I spent most of the day walking about the FD, SOHO, Tribeca and Battery Park.


One World Trade

There are some fantastic views from the top of this building and it's well worth taking the hit on the $30 price plus the strange very touristy welcome once you get to the top. I got there early to avoid as much of the queues as possible.


View from the top

The views are absolutely incredible and you can see the whole of Manhattan and over to Brooklyn. The floor gives you 360 degree views and it's well worth spending some time up there.


The Oculus

This is a Westfield Shopping Centre of all things, but the architecture is absolutely outrageous so make sure you take a look for a few minutes. It was also a good place to grab coffee and cool down as it was so hot in the city!


Stone Street

I came across one of the oldest streets in NYC dating back to 1658 and it was a nice break from the modern skyscrapers in the rest of the city. There were also a few great places to grab food and eat outside in the sun.


Fearless Girl

Standing opposite the Charging Bull statue is one of the Fearless Girl. A moving statement of the power women in leadership have and the impact they have on society. Definitely less crowded and more interesting than the bull!



I coincidently managed to snap sunset as it fell directly between the buildings on a road I was walking across. If you can catch and time this happening it is such an amazing thing to witness!


Central Park

I spent my 3rd day in NYC around Cenrtral Park, visiting the Met, MOMA and spending a good few hours in the park itself. After only seeing manmade structures for a good few days, it's nice to get a break back in nature


Boating lakes

I spent most of the morning wondering around the various fields and lakes of Central Park, enjoying the peace and quite which is polar opposite to the rest of the city.


Bethesda Terrace

There's a few must see tourists spots dotted around the whole park including the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. The whole area is rather busy but, with it being home to so many great scenes in films, it's well worth having a wonder around.


Softball fields

At weekends and later in the day there's always a huge amount of sport going on. And with bleachers next to most, they all becomepretty great spectator sports.


Street performers

If sports aren't your thing I saw huge numbers of street performers and artists at nearly every high footfall area. Some are rather surreal, but all well worth least for a bit.


The Met

One of the  most impressive museums in the world is located in Central Park and I really didn't give it enough time. I only had a few hours to spend at The Met, and honestly you really could spend a whole day there. Make sure you check out the roof terrace as well, for some fantastic views of the park and the city.

Every area in NYC has it's own unique character and you'll quickly find parts that feel like home, 4 days wasn't enough to take it all in, so try and go for at least a week if you can. Please share the guide and find out prices using the links below.