Commonly known as the gateway to the Fjords, Bergen is a great city with plenty to do and amazing hikes only a few hours drive from the city centre. We we're there for around 5 days and, in addition to a few photos, I also tried out my drone.



We stayed on a hillside overlooking Bergen and spent the first day wondering around the city and planning on where to spend the next few days. There's plenty to see and do, in addition to a few hikes near by.


The port

Bergen is one of the main port towns in the south of Norway and there a plenty of boats dotted around the harbour. This means fresh seafood is always the menu and we definitely ate at some great places.

The city centre

The old town are, around the port,  is definitely the nicest part of Bergen. There are plenty of cosy coffee shops and small places to chill out, however you really don't need more than a long afternoon in this area.


Our hillside AirBnb

Our AirBnb was in the beautiful mountains/hills of Bergen, only a short cable car ride, plus a 10 minute walk, from the town centre. I cannot recommend staying here enough as it was super cosy, plus gave great access to hikes. Take a look at the AirBnb listing for more info.



We spent an afternoon hiking around Fjellstrekninger seeing some absolutely stunning views over Bergen. This is only an hours hike from the town centre and is along well trodden paths, making it suitable for pretty much anyone.



On the hike down we found some back routes around a lake called Storediket which made it a bit more challenging and allowed us to be treated to even more impressive views. Take a look at my drone video above to see some of the footage.


South Fjords

Of course, one of the main reasons we went to Bergen was to experience some of the Fjords. They are around a 3 hour drive away, however the views are vastly impressive and were well worth the drive.



After the long drive and a few stops en route, we got to this amazing viewpoint over the Aurland Fjord, with amazing views considering you can access it via car. We the continued up the Bjørgavegen road.



We didn't really know what to expect, but  this turned out to be one of the best roads I've ever driven along. With incredible scenes and a quite place to take a breather, you have to experience it.

IMG_8354 2.JPG


One of the reason we drove over the Fjord was to actually drive underneath it. This 25km tunnel(!!!) has 3 really impressive caverns with blue lighting which are completely surreal.



The most impressive Fjords the are nearest to Bergen are all around Aurland. However there are still some stunning places along the deserted back roads in the area. We found that using Google Maps lead us to some really amazing places such as this hut, just up the road from Matre.


Ytre Oppedal

And yet again simply driving along smaller roads lead us so some amazing bridges and scenes, such as this bridge on the Fv8, just East from Ytre Oppedal.



This 10 hour long hike was the main reason we came to Norway in the first place. It was cold, long and, at the start, quite rainy, however every minute of hiking was so worth it, as the area is just so outstandingly beautiful.


Early starts

Trolltunga is a hard 10 hour hike which you need to start at 7am to avoid any congestion and queues. We woke up at 4am to start the 3hr hour drive from Bergen to Tyssedal, where the hike begins.


10 hours of hiking

The hike is indeed very long, so we packed a fair amount of food and water, however the views, even en route to the top, are just vast. Hiking gear is an absolute must, and the hike is really only doable in the summer months.


The trolls tongue

This is the view we were treated to at the top. Words cannot really describe how awe inspiring this place actually is, and photos cannot capture the overall beauty of the whole area.

Bergen and it's surrounding area has a lot to offer, however it is really best for those in relatively good shape and up for a good long hike. It may be tough at times, but the never ending outrageously stunning views make it all worth it.