The island is better know for parties and beaches but, after only 5 days there, we realised it's an incredible place for hikes up volcanoes, great spots for surfing, and it is even known for some amazing wine, grown in volcanic soil. 


Caleta de Famara

The north of the Island, around Famara and Haría, is made up of amazing coastlines, gigantic cliffs, a few volcanoes, and even a desert. This Island manages to fit so many landscapes into such a small area!


Our AirBnb

We were staying in a lovely, and affordable, AirBnb right in the centre of this small town. There isn't a huge amount going on here in the down season (we were there in March), however there are still enough restaurants, cafe's and surf shops open.


El Bosquecillo

After spending the morning surfing we started to explore the surrounding area by car and found this absolutely stunning view overlooking the entire bay.


Cliff views

We spent a good hour here, just watching the sunset and enjoying the epic view from an amazing vantage point.


Yé Volcano

As Lanzarote is a volcanic island there are plenty of places to hike up and get great views of the surrounding area. This volcano was accessible from the small town called Yé and after some rather sketchy hiking we made it to the top.


Views over Guinate

The hike really isn't that safe, but the panoramic views from the top were fantastic. But again, the hike was really wasn't that safe, especially the route we chose.


Suset views

We stayed at the top for a few hours to enjoy sunset, and even though to started to rain, and get rather cold, the epicness of the area was well worth the wait.


Los Volcanes

The national park in the south of the island is predominantly one huge lava field. This was formed by huge numbers of eruptions that stretch from the centre of the island right to the coast.



There are some incredible roads cutting through hills, volcanoes, deserts and lava fields, and driving through them was a great way to get around, but also made the trips really enjoyable. Plus, if you're into cycling, you'll absolutely love these roads.


We hiked up numerous volcanoes in the area, with some being covered in solidified lava, and others, like this one, being considerable more accessible.


Wine region

One surprising aspect of Lanzarote was the incredible, and cheap, wine that is grown locally in the centre of the island. We sadly only realised this on our last day, but if you can, do book into a winery tour.


Caldera Blanca

This was the largest volcano in the area, and hiking it gave some great perspectives over the vast lava fields and surrounding smaller volcanoes. This hike was so much easier than the ones in the north, so definitely a better fit for the risk averse.


Mancha Blanca

We also spent a bit of time walking through the valleys and towns, just taking in the scenery and enjoying the really hot weather - considering it was March.

A long weekend in Lanzarote was enough to go on some great hikes, enjoy the local wine, and take in some great views. If you're into surfing and hiking this place is incredible. But if you just want to drink wine in the sun, it's also pretty great.