Rob Bye is an award winning freelance Product Manager and UI/UX Designer in London, UK. His portfolio of consultancy work includes UI UX, industrial, product, packaging, and graphic design, alongside logo design and branding. He also advises the design consultancy morrama, which specialises in working with startups.

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Digital products

As a Product/Design Manger I work with startups and companies helping lead teams in the design, development and launch of new products and features. My experience covers native apps, mobile experiences, complex web products, AI / ML devices, hybrid digital / physical products, wearable tech and even musical instruments.

If you are looking for help, drop me an email.

physical products

I previously co-founded an industrial product design studio called morrama, specifically to help startups and companies with the design, manufacture and launch of products. The studio and workshop are based at UsTwo Adventures in London where the team work individuals and business based locally and around the world.

Contact my co-founder Jo Barnard here.