Surf trip to Portugal

After a great time interrailing around Europe, I again decided to take advantage of the free time before starting work, but this time wanted something a bit more adrenaline fuelled. So myself and a few mates booked a last minute trip to Portugal. Extreme sports have always been a huge part of my life, with my main focus being snowboarding and windsurfing, but surfing is something I have only just started to properly get into.

We took the cheapest possible flight we could find. Ryanair was of course the one to go with!

As we wanted to spend the least amount of money and stay right next to the surf spots we spent most nights camping on the beach and BBQing fish in the evening.

This meant we woke up to completely amazing views and sunrises such as this!

We hired a van out for the week and as we drove up the coast we found some amazing campsites that cost next to nothing to stay at! And this meant we got to have an occasional shower which became a bit of a luxury after a few days of camping rough. 

One of the main spots we surfed at was Supertubos. This spot in the west coast of Portugal is probably the best spot in the whole of Europe and is on the Billabong pro circuit. It's also used as the warm up for pipeline as the way here is incredibly heavy. This was nothing like we had surfed before and with some sets hitting over 10ft, the learning curve was huge!

One of the main perks of surfing on the continent is that it is actually sunny and warm, compared to the English summer which is completely unpredictable to say the least.


The area around Supertubos is full of surf shops and we spent a bit too much money and time there.


The scenery around the area is simply stunning, and when matched with perfect left and right hander waves, makes it an ideal place for surf trip.

There were a huge amount of surf spots within a short drive and after a few days exploring we found some great spots away from the tourists and the masses of beginner surfers.

Beach café's provided a great place to chill out between morning and afternoon sessions on the water.

Having the van parked up on the beach meant we could try out a night surf under headlights. Which was a bit stupid but if you've ever seen Point Break you will know why this is awesome!

If you ever want perfect barrels that break for ages giving you stupidly long rides. You have to go to Portugal! There is simply nothing like this in the UK.

On one of the last days we took a trip up the coast to visit a spot called Nazeré. This is where an 80ft wave was surfed a few years ago, and is kind of a mecca for surfers. The spot was still big with some waves hitting over 15ft, but the storm swell in the video below shows what is needed to pump out these huge waves.

Getting out on the water pretty much every day for a week was amazing, and this was only possible due to the super reliable swell that the west coast of Portugal has. If you want to try out some larger incredibly clean waves. You have to visit there!