Lowdi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Lowdi is a little bluetooth speaker made by the Amsterdam based digital agency Momkai. The Lowdi website is just gorgeous so it is well worth taking a look at as well.

I have been using this speaker every week the last year. It has been to beaches in Greece, Turkey and the UK, it has been taken snowboarding in Europe, has been chucked in my bag most days, and was even dropped in the sea! It has been thrown around and abused a fair amount, but amazingly it is in relatively decent condition!




A little bluetooth speaker like this allows you to make any environment you are in a bit more interesting. No not on the train, that's what headphones are for! But using this on the beach, in a rental car, when camping or simply in the kitchen, makes that time more enjoyable. As old Sony walkman adverts used to say "Every moment has it's music". Lowdi is one of the few products I carry round with me on a day to day basis.

The look and feel of Lowdi is extremely simple. A simple black box with a soft touch rubber perimeter is pretty much all there is to talk about. However this simplicity is all that is needed. The focus is never meant to be on the design, but on the function instead. The striking Lowdi logo and a few other highlights of yellow are all the accentuates the design, yet the over all appearance is very pleasing to the eye. It is small, extremely pocketable and, as mentioned before, surprisingly strong.

One of my favourite aspects of the design is the simple graphic on the base. These simple steps show how to connect a phone or iPod to Lowdi and it does it in an extremely attractive way. Most other products resort to an instruction manual, however having them on the product itself means you can give it to a mate and they can connect their own phone with ease. The attention to detail of the product is what really makes it stand out.

The logo and brand are really what you are buying into here, and nearly everyone who has seen the product comments on how sleek and professional the device looks. This is even more apparent when it is compared to the busy design of other products like the Bose speakers or Jawbone Jamboxes.




There are 2 ways to connect to the Lowdi. By Bluetooth, which is by far the best sounding and most convenient option, or using the supplied aux cable. Using the aux cable for some reason means the sound goes nowhere near as loud as when using the Bluetooth connection. I guess the circuitry must miss out a pre amp somewhere. On the side is the on an off switch and a micro USB which makes it very easy to charge.

The cables that come with Lowdi are almost as good looking as the actual speaker. Flat cables and high quality connectors make them a feature of the overall design.

But of course you are buying a bluetooth speaker mainly to play music. So sound quality is by far the most important. Lowdi doesn't excel in this area, but it by no means falls short. The sound is clear and crisp, and the base is surprisngly good considering the devices size. Midtones are well pronounced and the main overall criticism is a slightly too crisp top end which almost borderlines on piercing, especially when played at higher volume. But overall the sound is very good considering the price. Of course spending £50 more does get you a device that sounds a fair amount better (I'm thinking the Logitech BOOM) but you also sacrifice the portability as Lowdi is so small.


Should you buy one?


If you have €129 to spend on a bluetooth speaker, I do think Lowdi is the one to go for especially if portability and design are important to you. But if you want to spend another €40 and don't mind having a bigger speaker, there are better sounding devices out there. If you want to grab one, buy it directly from the company here.