Ace & Tate Glasses Review

After having my first eye test in a decade and finding out I needed glasses, I started to look for an appropriate pair. After discovering high street retails are stupidly expensive and realising that Warby Parker isn't available in the UK yet, I had to dig around the net before finding a place to buy, well designed, high quality, appropriately priced glasses. Finally I found a Ace & Tate, a glasses company based in Amsterdam the make great looking frames with prescription lenses for only £89!

The glasses come in an extremely understated box that falls in line with the overall brand. The packaging is surprisingly good quality considering the glasses are very well priced! 

Very simple debossing is used to show the logo.

One nice touch is a personalised handwritten thankyou card in a surprisingly bright and bold purple. Small things like this show how Ace & Tate is a very well thought out, design led brand.


The glasses come in a leather pouch that is of pretty decent quality. The embossing is crisp showing how it is well manufactured.

My only issue is that the glasses case is clearly designed to fit all their frames. My frames are pretty averaged sized, yet the case is vastly bigger than them and certainly not pocketable in any way. I've had to order a separate case of Etsy, but I hope Ace & Tate decide to produce a few different sizes in the future. Even selling them as an upgrade option could add some profit to these low margin products.

The frames themselves look absolutely fantastic and are incredibly well made. I went for the Wilson model which is simple, traditional and not too eye catching. They are made from extremely high quality acetate (do you get the name now - ace & tate - acetate!) with a clear attention to detail and best of all they are relatively lightweight.

The tigerwood makes them slightly more interesting and subtle than the black variant, and the thin frames don't draw too much attention.

The arms are supported by an inner metal structure that adds a lot of strength whilst keeping the glasses flexible.

The only branding on the entire frame is on the inner side of the arms. I love how subtle this is and more companies need to do this as it makes people ask where you got them from. Shouting the brand name on the outside of the frame is not attractive in anyway and can ruin the overall appearance.

Overall the quality and style, mixed with great manufacturing and attention to detail, make these glasses an awesome purchase. Especially considering the price! Grab your own pair here.