Beats X are the best headphones for your iPhone

Last year a bought an iPhone 7 which rendered every single pair of headphones I owned totally redundant. The lack of 3.5mm was a pain the ass and until now there hasn't been a single pair of decent bluetooth buds on the market. These are the first pair of headphones that cover all the essentials - great sound quality, good design, long battery life and useful features.

Sound quality is the most essential thing about every single pair of headphones. I've used everything from £300 Shure headphones, down the rubbish EarPods apple include with their iPhones, and the Beats X perform incredibly well. Bass is present but surprisingly restrained, trebles cut through but aren't piercing and the mids are very crisp. These are really well balanced headphones which is a massive surprise considering the history of the Beats brand, but they perform really well with everything from House to Classical, and Hip-Hop to Indie.

The inline remote can control volume, skipping tracks, play/pause and Siri. Plus it has a built in microphone which makes taking calls with headphones really easy. 

Charging is done through a lightening connector, which means you have one less cable, and one less adaptor to carry around. They last for around 8 hours on a single charge, easily getting you through an entire day. Plus a 5 minute charge gives you 2 hours of battery life, meaning even a quick boost can get you through any commute home.

The earbuds have a small magnet which allows them to snap together preventing any annoying tangling and making them sit comfortably around your neck when not in use.

Thankfully they form an extremely small pocket friendly packaged when they're bundle up and the neckband has easily enough flex to be folded away, whilst maintaining some rigitity when in use.

The included carry case is a massive dust magnet, but it helps keeps the headphones tangle free and is small enough to slip into any pocket.

There's a single button on the headphones for on/off  and also pairing, plus the glowing LED makes it easy to see if they're already on.

This is when the Beats X come into their own. Their integration with iOS is flawless and a long press on the button allows you to instantly connect them to you phone. Once connected, they instantly auto pay whenever you switch them on. It is easily the most streamlined experience ever and this just adds another reason to why these are a great pair of headphones.

Plus they automatically connect to any Mac of the same iCloud account, and jumping between Mac and iPhone can be done in a few clicks. If you're in the Apple ecosystem, you'l massively appreciate this feature.

In short these are the best portable headphones out there for any iPhone. They cover all the bases from great design, through to well balanced sound and they are pretty reasonably priced at £130. At work I will always rely on my much less portable pair of B&W P7 wireless headphones as the sound quality is absolutely flawless. But for commuting, travelling, the gym, or whilst on the go, the Beats X headphones beat every single pair of headphones out there. Get a pair.