Understanding IoT Devices

Morrama (the design studio I co-founded) spends a lot of time working with startups and companies producing internet connected products. We tend to focus on the design of these, however we have become more and more intrigued about the backend of these devices. So over the last week we have been playing around with creating our own IoT toy in the office.

We used the particle.io photon dev board which is based around arduino and links straight to their own cloud service. This means anyone can make super simple connected products within a matter of minutes. And can then span things out into more complex systems with a bit more work.

So we built a simple API call that triggers when you press an HTML button on our site or you follow @morramadesign on twitter (we used IFTTT to hook this up). Both of these triggers a command on the photon that causes a servo to move back and fourth. To make it look a bit cooler we added a flag and chucked everything in a little cardboard box. Check out the video to see what happens. And press the button on morrama.com to give me a wave!

Check out the blog post on morrama to see the code

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