Made in Brunel Book Design

One of the main promotional tools of Made in Brunel is the annual book. 7000 of these are printed and these are distributed at our annual exhibition, given to prospective students and also used for promoting the course to companies in London. As the Managing Director it has been my job to design the 320 page book over the last few weeks. The book contains over 150 projects from students in Design, Engineering and Digital Media. It is often seen as the portfolio of Brunel University.

The design towers at Brunel may not the nicest looking interiors but they are certainly in keeping with the industrial focus of the design course here.

Myself and the other designers working on the book have been spending the last 3 weeks working here on the book and it is now all but finished. Today we received our final proof copies and next week it will go to print.

Photo 23-05-2014 14 57 54.jpg

The final design was kept simple to allow the focus to be on the students projects in the book.