UI/UX and Branding

In addition to running Availo I often assist startups and early stage companies in their digital product design. This can include everything from wireframing interfaces and testing out ideas with users, through to branding and creating digital interfaces. I also occasionally help with the design of physical proudcts and packaging design, however I often suggest chatting to the guys at morrama about this.

If you are looking to hire a freelance designer, simply drop me a message here.

Industrial Design

I co-founded morrama - a product design studio specifically for start-ups and the team wants to work with you. Contact my co-founder Jo Barnard to find out more about working with the team there.

To give you a brief overview, Morrama is an industrial design studio in the UK that partners with startups, entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to develop their concepts into awesome product propositions. The studio and workshop is at Somerset House in the heart of London, however they work with companies around the world, including projects in Sydney, San Francisco, New York and Copenhagen.

The team has developed a specialised design process to get ideas off the ground, however morrama's focus is on building long term partnerships where we can work throughout the design, development, testing and launch of products. If you are interested in working with morrama, get in touch to arrange a chat over coffee or via Skype.