Freelance Design

Rob Bye is an award winning freelance UI/UX Designer in London, UK. His portfolio of consultancy work includes UI UX, industrial, product, packaging, and graphic design, alongside logo design and branding. He also advises the design consultancy morrama, which specialises in working with startups.

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Digital products

I occasionally help startups, entrepreanors and companies with the design, strategy and launch of their digital and (occasionally) physical products. This can include wireframing interfaces, testing out ideas with users, building product roadmaps, creating landing pages and raising investment.

If you are looking for help, simply drop me a message here.

physical products

I co-founded an industrial product design studio called morrama, specifically to help startups and companies with the design, manufacture and launch of products. The studio and workshop is based at Somerset House in London, however they work with companies around the world.

Contact my co-founder Jo Barnard to find out more.