I'm Rob Bye


An award winning design founder living in London

Founder & CEO of Availo - the app to meet and hire freelancer designer

Founder of Morrama - the design studio for startups

Blog updates



I am a co-founder of Availo, a tech startup where we are developing an app help people hire freelancers in your city. In addition to this I co-founded and advise morrama, a London based design studio which helps startups and business design awesome hardware products. 



Working internationally, founding startups and leading creative teams from a young age, has helped me gain an understanding of how business and design can coincide. I constantly push myself to learn from the people around me and try new things.


Outside of work I spend my time Snowboarding, SurfingSailing and serving at my local church. I have taught windsurfing in Greece and Turkey and have been a fully qualified sailing instructor. Above is my latest instagram picture. You should follow me!