I'm Rob Bye


An award winning design founder living in London

Founder & CEO of Availo - the app to meet and hire freelance designers

Founder of Morrama - the design studio for startups


I am the CEO of Availo, a tech startup where we are developing an app help freelancers get great jobs in their city. In addition to this I co-founded and advise morrama, a London based design studio which helps startups and business design awesome hardware products. 



Working internationally, founding startups and leading creative teams, has helped me gain an understanding of how business and design can be used together to make great products and form innovative companies. I often talk at events about what a design founder means.


Outside of work I spend my time Snowboarding, SurfingSailing and serving at my local church. I have taught windsurfing in Greece and Turkey and have been a fully qualified sailing instructor. Above is my latest instagram picture. You should follow me!