I'm Rob Bye


An Industrial Product Designer living in London, uk

Lead Designer at PowaBand & Co-founder of morrama

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A bit more about me


I head up the design team at PowaBand and also help run morrama, a London based design consultancy which I co-founded in 2014. Alongside this  I previously interned at Seymourpowell and graduated in Industrial Design from Brunel University and TU Delft.



Running creative teams, interning at consultancies and setting up companies has given me an extremely expansive and varied understanding of design. My work has been featured on sites such as Core77, It's Nice that, The Verge, The Times and Intern Magazine.



I have worked with clients such as PepsiCo, Virgin Media and Barclays. I have presented at events with up to 500 visitors and also work with designers on a number of side projects such as Design Students UK which I heave been leading since 2011.


When I am not working, I spend my time Snowboarding, SurfingSailing and enjoying any action sport that is outdoors. I have taught windsurfing in Greece and Turkey and am also a fully qualified sailing instructor. Above is my instagram feed.